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Boarding & Daycare


Boarding & Daycare



Camp Policies

  • Drop off & pick up hours: Any time between 8:30am and 6pm. If you have scheduled to drop off or pick up your pet on a Saturday or Sunday, we will be closed from 12:00pm to 2:00pm- please plan accordingly. Early and late drop off can be made available at an additional charge. Please call us for details.

  • Daycare Policy: On the day of check out we ask that you pick your pet up by 10am. Your pet is welcome to stay until 6pm but an additional day charge will be applied. Please note that this policy only applies on the day of pick up.

  • Cancellation Policy: You must call and cancel your reservation 7 days in advance in order for us to refund your boarding deposit. Within 7 days of check-in, your deposit will be forfeited.

  • Vaccine Requirements: We require all dogs be up to date on Rabies, DAPP, Canine Influenza and Bordatella and all cats be up to date on Rabies and FVRCP. If your pet is in need of any vaccines, our Veterinarian will happily perform an exam and administer the vaccines for an additional charge.

  • Pricing: Our pricing is an all inclusive rate that provides food, water, bedding, cuddles, and unlimited outdoor playtime. When your pet is indoors, he/she will have a personal, temperature controlled “cabin” with their own food, water, and bedding. When your pet is outdoors, we have an acre of land that allows for both group and individual play.

  • Add-on options: We offer baths, hikes in the forest, nail trims, ear cleanings, and brush outs during your pets stay, but these are all additional costs. Please ask about pricing at check in.

  • In case of injury or illness: If your pet gets sick during their stay with us or arrives ill, we are also an animal hospital and a vet on staff will happily come in and give your pet an exam and proper treatment/medication for an additional fee. We will be sure to communicate any illness or injury with you throughout your pets stay.

  • Holiday Policies Due to the busy nature of the holidays, we are unable to offer any of our boarding discounts for any boarding stays during our holiday periods. This includes 10th night free & multiple camper discount. On all major holidays, we will be closing at 5pm rather than 6pm. Please plan to drop off and pick up accordingly. We hope you and your family enjoy your holiday and we can't wait to spend ours with your sweet pup!



a typical day at camp

  • 8 am: The staff arrives and all dogs are taken out in small playgroups for their first outdoors break of the day. Counselors scrub, clean and disinfect all cabins and start laundry. Morning meals are prepared and breakfast is served.

  • 8:30- 9:30am: One of our camp counselors heads up stairs to give our boarding kitties fresh food, water, & bedding and clean our their kitty condo’s for the day. The kitties get some individual time to play around in the main cat room before getting tucked away for an afternoon cat nap.

  • 9- noon: Campers who are leaving this afternoon will be given their baths at this time. Dogs signed up for hikes will enjoy 45 minutes to 1 hour out in the Tahoe National Forest.. All dogs are let outside in playgroups for some fun in the sun or snow, we rotate the groups every 30 minutes depending on size and temperament- 30 minutes of playtime, then 30 minutes of inside down time…all day! From now until closing! Canines who prefer to play alone get some one-on-one people time in separate play areas.

  • Noon-3pm: Our camp counselors take lunch breaks in shifts. All the while, our active campers continue to play the day away, while our mellow guys spend time sitting in the shade or hanging in the sun. In the summer, the pool is open for swim time and a chance to cool down. We have a ladder leading in and out for the little guys and a small pool for those just wanting a quick cool down.

  • 3-4pm: Dinnertime! Every dog (and cat!) is fed and given fresh water.

  • 4-6pm: Everyone gets a short rest time after dinner and then everyone is back out playing in their groups for the rest of the day.

  • 6-7pm: All dogs are given another chance to go potty & play before the day staff leaves for the day



  • How big is the space the dogs stay in?

We have three different size cabins that are all very generous in size. Unlike many boarding facilities, your pet will not be staying in a cage, but rather an open top cabin. The small cabins are about 6 feet long by 3 feet wide. The medium cabins are about 6 feet long by 4 feet wide. The large cabins are about 6 feet long by 6 feet wide.

  • Will my dog have his/her own space?

Yes! We will never put stranger dogs together. This ensures that your dog will have their own personal space with their food, water, and bedding, where they can feel comfortable.  The only time there will be multiple dogs in one cabin is when multiple dog families come to stay with us.

  • Should I bring a bed for my dog? How about food?

We encourage you to bring anything you feel will make your dog comfortable but we have all the essentials here. The only thing we ask you not bring are food dishes, water dishes, collars, and leashes.

  • But what if my dog gets out? How will anyone know who to call?

Our fenced in yard provides a safe space for your dog to run free without the worry of him or her escaping. For safety purposes, we place paper collars on all of our campers. The paper collars will have their name and contact information printed on them.

  • Will my dog get to play with other dogs?

Yes! As long as your dog gets along well with other dogs, he/she will be in a hand-picked play group based on his/her size and temperament.  We do our best to really gauge each dog’s temperament and find the group that works best for them.

  • Do I have to pay extra do get more outside time for my dog?

Nope! Our prices are all inclusive. This means that food, water, bedding, inside time, and outside playtime are all included in our nightly rate. We do not put a limit on how often your dog gets out as we find that all dogs need ample outdoor time. Generally we have about 2-3 play groups and we rotate our dogs every 30 minutes throughout the day. 

  • What does your yard look like?

We have about an acre of fully fenced in yard with terrain very similar to the forest- ie: trees & bark. In the summer, we have a couple of tubs that we fill for the dogs to lounge in to stay cool. Please see the "gallery" page of our website to see pictures.

  • My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, will he still get play time in the yard?

Absolutely. We ensure that dogs who prefer to keep to themselves get just as much outdoor time as our more social dogs. Instead of playing with other dogs, they will play with the DogGoneCrazy staff!

  • Will my dog get plenty of exercise?

We find that most of our campers get plenty of play time in the yard BUT some dogs do enjoy an additional hike in the forest. We offer 45 minutes to 1 hour hikes in the national forest behind our facility- Please call about pricing.

  • What is the temperature in the kennel area?

Our kennels are climate controlled at around 68 degrees. We also have heated floors for the cold nights and a big rolling garage door we open to keep it cool during the warmer days.