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Pet of the Week!

Pet of the week




Age: 10years

Breed: Labradoodle

Favorite Activity: Playing "catch me if you can" with the camp counselors.

Favorite friend at Camp: Stark & Bullitt (two high energy Border Collies)

Fun Fact: Davey's proper name is David & enjoys being called that when he is in one of his more serious moods.

What we love about Davey: He is the nicest guy you will ever meet & always looks for your approval before eating his dog dinner! Plus, that luxurious beard!


We told our buddy Davey that he is the pet of the week & he is ecstatic (can't you tell by the big smile on his face?).  We often see Davey at our overnight camp as well as our hospital & he is a crowd favorite among employees- how could you not love him?

Davey is a newly minted member of our FREE VACCINES FOR LIFE PROGRAM so he (well, mostly his mom) saves on vaccines year after year! A one time enrollment fee of $99 gets you and your pet free vaccines for the rest of his or her life! with each vaccine coming in around $28, the savings add up quick! In order keep current in the program, all we ask is that you bring your pet in for a yearly wellness exam...which a responsible pet parent does regardless of enrollment! What's the catch? There isn't one! This is a seriously good deal!

Interested in enrolling or just want to learn a little more? Call today & get signed up to start saving!



"Jenny May"



Age: 15 years

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Favorite Activity: Sitting on a nice warm lap while demanding cuddles & pets

Favorite friend at Camp: Toupelo (our all white hospital kitty!)

Fun Fact: Jenny May LOVES greenies dental chews!

What we love about Jenny May: She's extra cuddly & very vocal.


Though Jenny May is 15, she acts like a little kitten (especially her little meow!). As a frequent kitty camper, you can often find Jenny outside of her kitty condo & curled up on a someones lap enjoying a nice chin scratch! Jenny May's mom recently started offering her Feline Greenies Dental Treats and Jenny May can't get enough of them! Jenny May wants all her kitty friends to know that they are delicious & help promote oral health which the majority of cats struggle with! It is known that daily teeth brushing for both dogs and cats is the best defense against dental disease; but we know that's near impossible for our feline friends so Greenies are a great secondary option!

Have you ever noticed your pets bad breath? When is the last time you took a look at your pets mouth? Have questions about your pets oral health? Think your pet needs an oral exam? Give us a call or stop by today!



"Melba & Hazel"


Hazel & Melba.jpg

All About Melba & Hazel...



Age: 4 years

Breed: Goldendoodle

Favorite Activity: Wrestling with her sister

Favorite friend at Camp: Hazel

Fun Fact: Melba has pretty severe food allergies. After allergy testing her, Scott (Dad) began making single ingredient treats for her & has turned it into a successful business!

What we love about Melba: Shes always excited to see Dr. Montana!



Age: 3 years

Breed: Goldendoodle

Favorite Activity: Forcing Melba to wrestle with her

Favorite friend at Camp: Melba

Fun Fact: Hazels nickname (given by her family) is "Hazelina Gomez, My Little Moo Cow"

What we love about Hazel: Hazel is one for fun! She's always up for a good wrestle & is never in a bad mood!


You will never meet sweeter girls than these two! The sisters are always happy to meet everyone!  We first met Melba & Hazel for wellness appointments & soon thereafter they became frequent campers DogGoneCrazy! While at camp, the duo doodles enjoy sunbathing, wrestling, & chasing each other!

Unfortunately, our practice began seeing Melba WAY too often for allergy related issues. Upon recommendation by Dr. Montana, Melba's (awesome) dad chose to allergy test her to figure out exactly what ingredients were causing her symptoms. We are happy to report that these days we rarely see Melba for anything but wellness exams & fun visits at camp!

Do you think your pet may have food allergies? Give us a call today & we can schedule you an appointment with the doctor!





Futas Smile.jpg

All about Futa...

Age: 3 years

Breed: The perfect mix!

Favorite Activity: Chasing & being chased by all the Huskies!

Favorite friend at Camp: Naote (a husky, of course!)

Fun Fact: Futa's family names their dogs after different rivers. The Futa river is in Chile!

What we love about Futa: He's is always ready to sprint through the door & into the camp area to see his friends!


Futa is a 3 year old mixed breed dog who is all muscle and even more love! We met Futa just over a year ago when he joined our Frequent Flyer Program! Futa's Dad works nearby so when dad goes to work, Futa gets to play with all his favorite friends at camp! Our Frequent Flyer program is a great option for locals (or anyone who visits the area often) that choose to bring their dogs to daycare rather than leave them home alone all day! By joining the Frequent Flyer Program you get money off your pets stay- every day! Please visit the "Boarding & Daycare"  section of our website for more information!

Questions? Give us a call!  (530)546-7522